There are many reasons families have contacted us for help.  Here are a few of the the most common...

Eight-day-old screams every time he is brought to the breast. Mom has been pumping and giving expressed breast milk in a bottle. She has had limited success with a nipple shield.
Will he ever latch?

Four day old was breastfeeding well in the hospital, now they are home; he is not latching on the breast. Mom’s milk is coming in and she is engorged.
What should I do?

Four-day-old baby is jaundiced. Pediatrician suggested that the baby be supplemented with formula. Mom is confused.
How should she feed her baby?

Baby was born preterm and is now approaching her due date.
Is she getting milk when she is at the breast?

One-month-old baby is not gaining weight. Mom had successfully breastfed her first two children.
Am I doing something wrong?

Baby is gaining weight, however mom is feeding “all the time." She is exhausted and weepy.
How can I keep this up?

Latching the baby is painful. Mom wants to cry as much as the baby when it’s feeding time.
What if I want to stop? Or just pump?

Mom is returning to work in one month.
How do I store enough milk to prepare for returning to work?

Baby has been breastfeeding well. Too well, now he won’t take a bottle.
How do I get him to take a bottle?

Mom has plugged ducts; baby is fussing at the breast.
What do I do if I get plugged ducts or mastitis?

If you are asking any of these questions, or perhaps some others, we can help you.  Call us today at 773-377-5620.  We're here for you.